Kluber Lubrications Authorised Dealer For AP & Telangana Regions Since 2007

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• Kluber- the international lubrication giant backed by more than 82 years of experience in research and development make it one of the world’s leading lubricant suppliers.
• Kluber lubrication has worldwide network of 14 manufacturing facilities and 23 subsideries.In India headquartered in BANGLORE and manufacturing unit at MYSORE.
• Kluber Lubrication offers a comprehensive range of Oil, Grease, Lubricants, comprising high-performance gear oils and heavy-duty greases as well as special pastes, waxes, bonded coatings, release agents and lubricant dispensers. Kluber lubricants are approved by OEM’s like FL.Smith, Alstom, KHD, Walchandnagar, Thyssen Knupp polysius, Pfieffer and Flender
• Kluber portfolio is rounded off with a modular service concept to match individual industrial requirements.
• Kluber lubricants are approved by OEM’s like FL.Smidth,Alstom,KHD,Walchandnagar,Thyssen Krupp,Polysius, Pfieffer and Flender.

For Large Open Gear Lubrications: -

Rotary Kiln / Ball Mills
Priming Lubrication Grafloscon AGI Ultra
Running in Lubrication Grafloscon BSG 00 Ultra
Operational Lubrication (Black Products) Grafloscon CSG 0 Ultra
Grafloscon CSG 1000 Ultra
Grafloscon CSG 2000 Ultra
Operational Lubrication (Transparent Lubrication with high viscosity) Kluberfluid CF 3 Ultra

For Kiln Supporting Roller Bearing Lubrication
For Grease Lubrication Kluberlub BE 41-1501
For Oil Lubrication Klubersynth GH 6 oils

Clinker Breaker Bearing & Magnetic Separator Bearing Lubrication
Stabutherm GH 462 Lubrication High Temperature Grease (Calcium Soap Thickener Grease) Kluberplex BE 31-502
For Hot Air FAN Bearings Kluberplex BEM 41-132

For Vertical Roller Mills
Assembly Paste ALTEMP QNB 50
Classifier Bearings Kluberlub BE 41-1501
Lubrication Kluberplex BE 11-462
Kluberlub BE 41-542
Roller Lubrication Klubersynth EG 4 Oils
VRMs feeding rotary air lock gear box Syntheso D Oils
For Torque support/ Articulation Bearings Kluberlub BE 41-1501

For Kiln Tyre Lubrication
Grease Lubrication Wolfracoat C fluid

For Roller Press
For High load Roller Bearings Lubrication Kluberlub BE 41-1501
General Application Purpose

VARILUB PKS 2 N grease for industrial Antifriction bearings, universal joints & disc break wheel bearings

Kluber Lubrications