E Bike Lithium ion Battery 60V 26AH/48V 24AH

Lithium ion Battery for E Bike Suppliers in Hyderabad India

If you want a high-end & Best Battery for Bike, E Bike battery/ Electric Bike Battery, then try our collections at Neo Techniques. We are one of the biggest Lithium ion Battery suppliers in Hyderabad Telangana & Andhra Pradesh India. We offer top-notch quality Lithium ion Battery for E-Bike, Electric Bike Lithium ion Battery, Lithium ion Battery for Electric Bike, E Scooter Lithium Ion Batteries, Electric bike lithium-ion battery, Lithium Battery for E-bike Scooter, Electric bike lithium-ion battery, as per the requirements of our customers. You can rest assure about the material used in manufacturing the premium quality batteries. We never compromise with the quality of materials that we use and procure them from trusted vendors only. With the current excess usage and high prices of fuels, it’s evident that we will have to switch to an eco-friendly way to commute for at the least short distances. E-Bike being eco-friendly is making its way to be the future of commuting requires batteries and what better than latest lithium ion batteries.


  • High Energy Density
  • Fast Charging
  • Wide Operating Temperature
  • Long Storage Life
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Capable of deep discharge recovery
  • Customized Shape & Size
  • Affordable Price

We offer seal-maintenance Electric bike li-ion battery. These lithium-ion battery are highly durable and do not cost much. These lithium-ion battery come with leak acid recharge features. Also, they can endure events of overcharging, shock, vibrations, or over-discharge.