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Compressed Air Dryer Products

We offer a comprehensive range of products, designed to meet specific needs of industries

All about refrigerant air dryer manufacturing

Refrigerated and heatless are two broad categories of air dryers available these days. Talking about air dryers remains incomplete without mentioning the concept of dew point temperature. It is the unit used to measure the dryness of compressed air. At this temperature, the moisture present in the compressed air in vapour form condenses to form liquid. Similarly, pressure dew point temperature and atmospheric dew point temperature are the two distinct temperatures of compressed air when under any kind of pressure and atmospheric pressure respectively. When we talk about the most advanced and cheapest mode of drying compressed air, refrigerated air dryers are quintessential.


The principle on which the refrigerant air dryer manufacturing takes place and subsequently works is that cooling of compressed air cause condensation of water that is carried by the compressed air in vapour form. The cooling takes place in two stages in the refrigerated type of air dryer. The compressed air enters the refrigerated type of air dryer at about 40 degree Celsius. It enters the pre-cooler firstly wherein the outgoing cool-dry air cools the incoming hot-wet air. The outgoing cool-dry air on the other hand is heated upto an operating temperature of about 28-32 degree Celsius. This partially cooled hot-wet air then enters the evaporator wherein it is chilled down to a temperature of about 2-8 degree Celsius. The chilling down of the hot-wet air condenses the moisture bored by the air in vapour form. Next, the chilled air bearing condensed moisture is subjected into the moisture separator, which is a mechanical equipment that helps separate the condensed moisture from the air by mechanical activity. The moisture separator drains out the moisture via an automatic drain valve. This cool-dry air is then passed through the pre-cooler as mentioned above. In a nutshell, this process produces dry air which can be obtained through the outlet. This dry air is of a pressure dew point temperature of about 4 degree Celsius or as required but above 2 degree Celsius. The amount of power consumed by drying air in the refrigerated air dryers is approximately 5.0 kwh for 1000 cubic feet per minute of air.

What Trident offers

An ideal solution for clean and compressed dry air is provided by Trident , one of the experts among the refrigerant air dryer manufacturers. Extensive design strategies and prototype testing culminates in Trident’s amazing products that offer a constant dew point of +3 degree Celsius. Also, the HX series of Trident offers a very low running cost unlike the other air dryers. Some exclusive features of these products are:-

The cold dry compressed air passes back through the secondary side of the Air to Air heat exchanger where it is reheated by the incoming warm air. Reheating the outgoing compressed air increases the volume of the air enabling it to do more work and it also prevents downstream pipe sweating. Trident heat exchanger has no extended surfaces or sharp corners that collect dust, dirt or oil residue. Their self cleaning smooth surface tube in shell and tube design will maintain the same heat transfer efficiency through out the dryer’s life. Any dust, dirt or oil will be washed off from the air system along with the condensed moisture at the De-mister.

  • Maintaining of a consistent pressure dew point.
  • Control of the condensing temperature for atmospheric variations in temperature.
  • The safety of compressor provided by the HP cut switch.
  • The advanced mimic display that indicates the functions and faults if any.
  • The provision of Trident automatic drain valve in Demister and Heat exachangers for efficient dryer functioning.

All about refrigerant air dryer manufacturing

Compressed air drying solutions just like your unique environment and applications are not standard to fit all. They help remove water vapour from the compressed air. Therefore, they are often found frequently in a variety of industrial and commercial facilities. Trident, is one of the leading compressor air dryer manufacturers,which engineers the drying technology of your compressed air keeping several factors in mind such as your environment need,your footprint, your energy costs, maintenance etc.


The atmospheric contaminants including the water vapour are concentrated in the process of air compression. As a result, the dew point of the compressed air gets raised in comparison to the free atmospheric air which leads to condensation within pipes as the compressed air cools downstream of the compressor. Users of compressed air have to confront a gamut of operational problems if the compressed air carries excessive water either in liquid or vapour phase. Some of them are freezing of outdoor airlines, corrosion in piping and equipment, malfunctioning of instruments that control the pneumatic process, fouling of processes and products and more as such.

What Trident offers

Trident pneumatics are perfect examples of vast knowledge, rich experience, meticulous engineering and skilled compressor air dryer manufacturer, which enable it to develop dryers with highest quality performance. The Dryspell Plus series launched successfully by Trident in the Indian and overseas market is a proof of guarantee, warranty and reliability. These dryers are also very economical, manufactured in large quantities, designed and tested to provide 100% clean dry oil free compressed air and require no maintenance in comparison to the refrigeration dryers of it’s range. The Dryspell plus is an ultimate compact dryer with valves and piping built into the manifold. These dryers are suitable not only for point of use but also are available for 10, 20, 30, 45, 60, 100, 125,200, 250, 300, 375 scfm. Paint shops, instrumentation, hand tools, powder coating, CNC machines, automobile garages, dental equipment, pharma are some areas where these dryers are applied extensively. Some of the key featuresof these dryers are:-

    • Provides manifold construction
    • Provides a shuttle valve for low pressure drop that is controlled by the microprocessor.
    • Equipped with a built in microprocessor based controller.
    • Equipped with a pre filter that has a borosilicate glass fibre element.
    • The pre filter drain valve is not only timer based but also gets activated by the controller.

Trident products range from the compressor room to all points of use in the factory due to their vast knowledge and advanced technology of air dryers in the field of compressed air, gas and fluid separation. The components of these pneumatics are designed and meticulously matched for efficient optimum air compressor energy. Trident, through their engineering service gives real shapes to various concepts of new products. This builds a good relationship that leads to confidence, reliability and energy savings for the coming years.

All about heatless air and gas dryers

A majority of the Industrial Compressed Air Systems and different other applications of gas and/or air dryers involve the use of Heatless Compressed Air and/or Gas Dryer systems. High Pressure Gas and Air Drying Systems also involve the use of these compressed air and gas dryers in many of their applications. Trident Pneumatics excels in heatless air dryer manufacturing

How it functions?

The simplest form of a desiccant kind of gas or air dryer is the heatless compressed one. It can achieve a dewpoint of -40°C for the compressed air systems as well as the other applications of gas and/or air dryers. After passing through the pre-filter, the wet incoming compressed air passes thorugh the assembly of the slide piston. Next, this air is directed towards the first chamber wherein it travels upwards through the desiccant bed consisting of activated alumina or molecular sieves. This causes it to dry up due to the adsorption effect of the bed. The dry compressed air coming out of the first chamber now travels through the assembly of check valves hence paving its way through the alter-filter and thereby to the area of application or work. The desiccant in the second chamber that had been wetted in the previous cycle regenerates simultaneously as the compressed air dries in the first chamber. The purge valve depressurizes the second chamber down to the atmospheric pressure in the downward direction. Meanwhile, a portion of the dry compressed air flushes the desorbed moisture out by passing through the needle valve or orifice plate through the desiccant. The purge valve closes and the tower slowly re-pressurizes to line pressure ensuring a smooth changeover as the regeneration completes. An effective dewpoint of -40°C or even better is obtained at atmospheric pressure with an additional period of 5 minutes for drying. An approximate of 60 seconds is all the re-pressurization takes in the regeneration process. This is the principle involved in heatless air dryer manufacturing.

Roles of an air/gas dryer:

  • They save energy besides economising purge by reducing the loss of purge to a minimum of 50%.
  • They have controllers with lucid functional displays that are programmable.
  • They secure undisturbed operation despite tower changeovers.
  • The moisture load is lessened by the auto drain valves in pre and oil filters. Therefore the desiccant life is secured without any extra cost.
  • The inclusion of a unique purge economizer in the latest microprocessor based controller which facilitates manual setting up of the dryer load. This device can not only accept upto 3 compressor load/unload contacts but also compute the dryer load dynamically. According to these settings done, the purge can be set. Also, the purge air can be controlled according to the pressure input accepted by the controller.

What Trident Offers?

Many industrial applications require Compressed Air/Gas of dry form and high pressure. Trident offers the best products to meet those requirements. For instance, High Pressure Compressed Air and Gas Dryers those are available in both heatless as well as refrigerated types.

Blower Reactivated Dryers

Trident makes a range of adsorption type compressed air dryers which are regenerated by heat. The adsorbants activated alumina or molecular sieve renegenrates on heating. These type of Dryers are energy efficient for dew points below -20 deg C for large air flows. There are several ways heating the bed of desiccant. The most common along with Trident series are as below:

Blower Heat Reactivated Air Dryer (Series DB)

Trident Blower Heat Reactivated Air Dryers offers a very good dew point depending on the requirement. These dryers are useful for instrumentation air meeting the quality requirement of ISA S7.34. Available for any higher capacity from 500 cfm to 4000 cfm.

No-loss Split Flow Air Dryer (Series DS)

Trident makes split flow dryers offers dewpoint of -40°c depending on the requirements. These dryers utilize heated part of air for regeneration and there is no air loss in this type of dryer. These dryers are available for any capacity higher than 500 scfm.

Heat of Compression Air Dryer (Series DH)

These dryers use the hot air from compressor and utilize this energy to regenerate. They are very energy efficient

These dryers are made to suit individual application. Please contact with your requirement.


Accordance with ASME or IS codes. Offered for 3rd party inspection. Typical operating pressures are 5 to 9kg/cm² Micro processor based control panel.

  • Low dewpoint
  • Low pressure drop
  • Low energy cost for given dew point
  • Compact
  • Ready to use
  • Reliable design and components
  • Available to various standards
  • Dew point based tower changeover controls
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Extensive operation and maintenance manuals


  • Cement
  • Power
  • Fertilizer

Medical Air Dryers

Dryspell medical dryers or Breathing Air Systems delivers a dewpoint of +2oC as mandated by NFPA 99. The dryspell medical dryers operates in the principle of pressure swing adsorption, hence removes more moisture than a refrigeration air dryers, and it delivers moisture free dry air consistently irrespective of flow variation.

Based on medical application criticality, the package comes with one working and one stand by dryers. So there is no need to stop the air dryers for maintenance. Optional purge saving system saves purge air upto 60% for a typical hospital load of 30% to 40%. Optional dewpoint and Co monitor enables to monitor dewpoint and Co levels as mandated by NFPA 99.


  • Guaranteed dew point performance
  • No refrigerants used
  • Desiccant immobilized to eliminate dusting
  • Design simplicity
  • Purge saving control
  • CO & Dewpoint monitor
  • Air quality mandated by NFPA 99


  • Hospitals
  • Rescue Operations
  • Highly Polluted Project Areas

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions engineers design product packages to suit customer specs. Customisation services include :

      • Packaging of Air Dryers, instruments and other subsystems. We provide design calculations, detailed engineering outputs to meet the stringent requirements of all leading project consultants
      • We develop products to meet OEM applications. A few examples are:
        • 7 scfm, 70 bar(g) compressed air dryer for leak testing machines
        • Highly intermittent duty cycle air dryer for circuit breaker applications
        • High pressure – 100 scfm , 70 bar compressed air dryer for aircraft cabin pressure testing
        • Dryers for Railway locomtives
        • Dryers for off road vehicles
      • We provide services to customers in the areas of Engineering management, New product design, detailed engineering, piping,testing and validation. We have qualified engineers and well established lab in the area of Pneumatics, Compressed air control and automation systems, filters, dryers etc.
      • We are specialised in following model air dryers.
        • Custom made Heat less Air dryer
        • Blower reactivated Dryer-300m3 /hr to 10,000m3/hr
        • HOC
        • No loss Split Flow
        • Hybrid Dryers
        • High Pressure heat less desiccant dryer (40 to 400Bar)
        • Large capacity and low pressure Refrigeration Dryer (2000m3/hr to 15,000m3/hr)

Our few customers


Membrane Dryer

  • Less space – Compact inline design.
  • No Electricity requirement.
  • No moving parts – Maintenance free.
  • Can be used in Hazardous area – Explosion proof.
  • Performs better irrespective of external environments.
  • No consumable (Refrigerants or Desiccants).

Working Principle :

The Humid compressed air consisits of N2, O2-Water vapours and traces of other gases passed through a bundle of hollow fibres. The hollow fibres are composed of a membrane specifically designed to attract and adsorb the water vapour. Inorder to desorb the water vapour the partial flow of dried air expanded to atmospheric pressure and passed through outside of the hollw fibre bundle in a counter flow direction, which will flush out the moisture.

Inorder to ensure better membrane life, the dryer will be supplied with two stage filteration viz particulate and a coalescer.

Trident Innovative technology membrane compressed air dryers are very compact in construction (Less space), Corrosion free, Noice less, no electricity requirement, and No moving parts hence mainatance free. Can be easily installed and can used in various applications.

Specification of Dryers

Dew Point (PDP) deg C 15 3 -20 -40 Recommended Filters
Dewpoint Atmospheric Deg C -15 -26 -40 -70 Particulate Coalesing
Purge Loss 10% 14% 21% 29% filter filter
TMD-3 3.5 2.5 1.7 1.2
TMD-5 5 3.5 2.5 1.8 G-24 X IA G-24 Y IA
TMD-10 10.5 7.5 5 3.5
TMD-20 21 15 10 7
TMD-30 28 20 13 10 G-100 X IA G-100 Y IA
TMD-45 48 34 22 16
TMD-60 60 42 28 20
TMD-100 100 75 50 36 G-250 X IA G-250 Y IA

Specification :

  • Operating temperature 2 to 60oC
  • Operating pressure 7 bar (g)
  • Max operating pressure 12 bar (g)
  • Particulate filter 1 m
  • Coalescing filter 0.01 m


  • Medical Air
  • Analytical Equipments
  • Pressuring Electrical Cabinets
  • Pneumatics
  • Painting
  • Industrial Point-of-use Application
  • Ozone generation
Performance correction factors for different pressures
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
0.41 0.56 0.76 1 1.22 1.48 1.76 1.86 2.22

How to order

  • Inlet flow 20 Cfm
  • Working pressure 5kg/cm2
  • Refering table Factor Pi = 0.56
  • Dryer capacity Required Flow = 20
  • Pi = 0.56
  • Capacity required = 35 cfm

Select the model considering 35 cfm flow, also refer the dewpoint requirement from the specification chart.

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